Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A fun idea!

So I read a lot of blogs, and tonite when I logged on to read blogs I found this post. I think it looks like so much fun so I am gonna give it a try. I went and examined my tree and realized that I don't have that many interesting ornaments, but I do have alot of them that have a lot of memories. So I will use those.

I know this isn't an ornament really but it is the most important thing on my Christmas tree. While it is not the orginal it is identical to the one that my grandparents always had on their tree. This one I found at a barn sale about 2 weeks ago and had to buy it. You see, this is my 3rd one I have bought. Since you can't buy them new I have to look for them at garage sales and consignment shops, and well you take a chance when you buy at those places. Thankfully, this one works and I am happy to carry my grandparents tradition on.

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  1. I love those sentimental ornaments! How special to have one exactly like your grandparents!! Can't wait to see what else you have! :)