Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been having horrid headaches for about 2 months now. Unless I find something to take that actually makes my head stop hurting it will continue to hurt..ALL the time, round the clock. I had the same headache for 3 weeks...So off to the Doctor I went. Lovely doctor I have, seriously, I love my doctor.
So about 21 days ago I went to see her. She has no clue what is causing them and referred me to a neurologist, but more about that in a minute. In addition she put me on prednisone to reduce possible inflammation in my brain, a pain medication to sleep that has to be taken every night, any where for 1 to 4 pills (25 mg a pill), and gave me a prescription for Imitrex to be taken with aleve to create Treximet (another migraine medication my insurance won't cover). So for 6 VERY long days I took the steroids, and Imitrex when needed. Along with the new medication at bedtime. So on top of my original 3 nightly medications I added in those. Thankfully my headaches went away...For about 4 days. And then they came back.
So I was taking imitrex quite a bit, sadly my insurance company will only cover 9 pills every 30 days...I ran out yesterday. So I called the doctor's office and they scheduled me to go in today. I was a little nervous about what she was going to say. Almost an hour later I walked out with 2 treximet samples, and a needle less injection of Imitrex. Oh and 4 new prescriptions. So after I picked up my prescriptions my daily pill intake is as followed:
Morning: a blood pressure/headache prevention medication & steroids
Lunch: more steroids
Dinner: nothing
Bed:Cymbalta, Prevacid, BC, steroids, blood pressure/headache prevention, and the pain medicine to sleep

She also gave me a prescription for Naproxsin to go with the Impitrex I can get next week. The next 12 days outta be fun: Hot flashes, mood swings, and dry mouth like crazy along with any new side effects that the other meds might have. Joy....NOT
BUT if this will help until I see the neurologist then I don't care, I am tired of living with headaches. Oh and I can't see the neurologist until June 18. That sucks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hayley's first softball game!

My princess loves to play softball. I didn't get too many pics at the first game but I promise more to come!!!