Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back Again :)

Maybe its cuz i dont have to be at my computer. This is easier. Took Hayley to the dr. for her asthma follow-up today. They said she is doing great. Turns out the bite on her face is a black fly bite. Weird. But he said to put hydrocortizone on it 2-3 times a day and it should clear up. Apparently she got it last week at her first softball game of the season.
Speaking of softball we were going to take her to the batting cages tonite but it decided to rain a little bit so we were bummed! Tonite was the only free nite I had so it will have to wait til next week. :(
In 2 days Hayley will be running her first 5k!! I am so proud of her!
Until later,
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Gonna give this another shot.....

I know its been forever but I wanted all the drama to completely calm down and I wanted a chance to spend time with my family.
Thankfully, the drama is gone and the family is well. Busy right now preparing for our HUGE yard sale this weekend. Can't wait to get this over with!!!
Hayley is doing well but that is a post I need my computer for. So until then....
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