Friday, June 29, 2012

Here I Am...

Here I am..Its been a few days. Sorry about that. LOL I'm not very good at remembering to blog. So then when I do blog it ends up being a ton of random crap thrown together. So here we go...
Our wedding is in 22 days!!! I can't wait. Things are all falling into place and I am super excited. We have some super fun plans for our "honeymoon" Fun things like an amusement park, the zoo, the beach...Hayley will be with her dad and my mom will be gone at the cabin so it will be just me, Scott, the cats and the rabbit.
And speaking of cats...I can't remember if I blogged about it or not but 6 weeks ago our cat gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. She almost died and we are thankful everyday for the vet that saved my cats life. Anyways, so now we have 5 six week old kittens running around our house. Fun? Sometimes...Most of the time its just a pain in the butt. They get into everything!!! When I am done typing this I will do a post from my phone with a picture of the kittens when they were really little. They don't sit still so well anymore!
Anyways, I have tons of other things I would love to blog about but I must get to bed its late and I have to be up early...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still here...

Been dealing with computer problems. My goal for the next 2 days is to get all my important stuff off this computer onto the other one so that I can send this one in to be repaired. I'm gonna miss it. BUT thankfully they are giving me a loaner one so I can still get online. I just hope that doesn't take long.

Other than that things are okay. The wedding is a month away and I am getting super excited. Dresses are moving right along, despite the fact that my mom has had food poisoning for a week now.  RSVPs are slowly coming in...

Anyways, I better get my butt in bed. Im exhausted!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big 3-0!

Its late and thats all I got!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can You Believe It?

Only 39 days until the wedding!! I can't believe it. When we started planning the wedding we were at about 100 days...There really isn't much left to do. Okay thats a lie. LOL Heres my list...

  • Spray paint my carnations (don't ask)
  • Assemble all the bouquets 
  • Order our cake (this Friday hopefully)
  • Pick up random things for the reception
  • And most importantly my mom still has to finish the dresses...
  • Oh and I need to decorate our card box. I still am not sure how I'm going to do that but I'll it out soon. 
So that's my list. And I have 39 days to complete everything....
I can do it. =)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

At Peace

Yes, my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Yes, I am unbelievably sad about this, but yet at the same time I feel peaceful. I know that this baby wasn't meant to be and  I will mourn this loss for a while.
Friday I had more blood work done. I was able to call the lab with in 2 hours and find out my results. Thankfully, it appears, both by lab work and by my body doing what its meant to do, that everything is going to happen naturally. No surgery necessary. From Wednesday to Friday my HcG level went from 44.6 to 16.9.
Also yesterday my OB called me personally and we had a nice chat. She did say I need to have one normal period before we can try again. And we will be trying again. We are both in agreement that while we mourn the loss of our baby we still want to try again. It's important to us.
Thank you to everyone that reads, this has been a sad week and I'm thankful that I have some where to turn to.

P.S. Our wedding is fast approaching! Only 42 more days!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I haven't stopped crying since the lab told me my results. I called my dr but she was out of the office so they were going to try and get her a message. Hopefully she calls me soon. This waiting stuff is for the birds.
So as of right now I am going to assume that I am going to lose the baby. Its not fair. We want this baby so bad.
So if you don't hear from me for a few days its because I am dealing with this.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I had my first HcG draw yesterday. I called this morning for the number. It was 47.5. I am supposed to be 6 weeks today. I think that number sounds way to low. Maybe I'm not as far along as I thought I was. Hopefully everything turns out okay. I have to go tomorrow for my repeat draw.
I'm not gonna lie, I am scared. I have cried over this all day. (Darn emotions!!) I don't want to lose this baby. They did tell me as long as my level doubles that everything should be okay. Hopefully.
Wish me luck.

Monday, June 4, 2012

5w 6d

And before I explode, even though tons of people already know, I need to announce it here, because I'm not ready to announce it to Facebook. 

Saturday Scott and I found out that after 10 months of trying, and less than 2 months before our wedding, that we are pregnant!!!!

I'm still in shock, been cramping a lot for the last week so naturally I'm freaking out, and can't wait to call my OB/GYN in the morning. My regular doctor, who confirmed the pregnancy for me took me off all my meds til I see her. I'm hoping they can squeeze me in this week for lab work and hopefully an U/S. 

Its funny because I kept saying I didn't want to get pregnant before the wedding, in fact I was getting ready to go back on the pill. All I was waiting for was my period to start...

So that's my news of the day!!!!