Saturday, June 9, 2012

At Peace

Yes, my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Yes, I am unbelievably sad about this, but yet at the same time I feel peaceful. I know that this baby wasn't meant to be and  I will mourn this loss for a while.
Friday I had more blood work done. I was able to call the lab with in 2 hours and find out my results. Thankfully, it appears, both by lab work and by my body doing what its meant to do, that everything is going to happen naturally. No surgery necessary. From Wednesday to Friday my HcG level went from 44.6 to 16.9.
Also yesterday my OB called me personally and we had a nice chat. She did say I need to have one normal period before we can try again. And we will be trying again. We are both in agreement that while we mourn the loss of our baby we still want to try again. It's important to us.
Thank you to everyone that reads, this has been a sad week and I'm thankful that I have some where to turn to.

P.S. Our wedding is fast approaching! Only 42 more days!!!

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