Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Today is the 30th of July. This is significant because 29 days ago Nate was served his divorce papers. That means that as of yesterday he defaulted, which means that he is not contesting the divorce. So tomorrow, we are driving to Grand Haven to file the paper work and schedule the final hearing. I am super excited! I can not wait to be divorced. How many people say that???????
Also when we are in Grand Haven tomorrow we are going to enjoy the nice day, Coast Guard Festival is going on and we are going to check that out. It should be fun.
AND THEN...On Tuesday Scott, Hayley, Stephanie, and I are going to Michigan's Adventure. Everyone is really excited to go and have lots of fun. They open at 11 and we are going to spend the entire day there. Remind me to bring some sunscreen..LOL I doubt I will. I don't mind the sun. They have so many cool rides and we are going to try and go on everything that won't scare the crap out of us. LOL There is some rides that I can not nor will not even attempt to go on. Some of the roller coasters for example. Tho Scott and I are going to go on the cork screw. I haven't been on that ride in YEARS!
So yes, we are going to be having lots of fun in the upcoming days. And my favorite park is that Monday nite Scott is coming to stay the nite so that I don't have to go to Hudsonville on Tuesday morning. I am super excited, I can't wait to spend the nite in his arms. =)

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