Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr. Visit...

So I went to the doctor this morning. Was running late and stressed about it and it caused my blood pressure to be high..something like 132/94 or something like that. I told the nurse to check it again before I leave because I knew it would go back down. Part of the "agreement" to going on birth control was that my blood pressure had to not be high anymore. And normally its fine. So she checked it again right before I left and it was like 127/74? I don't remember for sure but she said it was normal.
I got a prescription for Wellbutrin for my depression. She offered to take me off Paxil and do something else but the Paxil controls my anxiety. So I am staying on that and adding the Wellbutrin. Only time will tell if this combination of medications will work. Please pray it does. I am tired of having so many bad days.
I have a few other thing I want to blog about so I will start a new post..Maybe right now or maybe later...But probably right now..LOL

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