Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy Day

It has DEFINTELY been one of those days...Actually yesterday was like this too. We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off!!!! I guess that is what happens when you finally have acess to a car and need to get a ton of stuff done. Yesterday, I had to cash a check(which Meijers wouldn't cash) finally had to take it to Check N Go and pay 13 dollars just to get my money. And then, I had to eat lunch, stop by DHS to find out why Hayley lost her insurance and then reapply, and then I went down and waited forever to see my probation officer, and get home in time for Hayley to get off the bus.And after that Scott had to go to his mom's to type for her. And today, I had to pick up Hayley's fundraiser, run more errands and now am sitting down for two seconds before we leave to go back to Scott's moms. *sigh* I will update this later!
I'm back.  Not too much happened since I last wrote. Still no car, Hayley was extra cranky tonite because I think all week she has been up past her bedtime, and now I am just peacefully sitting up playing online and staring at Scott while he plays video games.
Sometimes, when I am just sitting staring at him I just smile because he just makes me so happy. I love everything about him. From the way he looks at me sometimes, to when we go to bed and he always automatically wraps his arms around me. I feel so safe in his arms. I love the way he rubs my back and almost always I fall asleep, or relax. I can't believe that is has almost been 6 months. It feels like it was just yesterday. I remember everything about the nite I met him. We talked online for like 6 hours. And then finally I went to meet him. It was late(after midnite) and I had court at 8 a.m. but I had to go. I had to meet this man I had been talking to for hours on end. The man I have sooo much in common with. It was amazing, He is amazing, we always have a good time together. He watches me when he thinks I am not looking. I think its cute, because I do it to him too!! And I love holding him at nite. I think I will dedicate the whole post to him and our relationship...That should be fun!
But anyways, that is my update.

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