Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hayley and her BIG news!

Since I plan on being gone most of the day I thought I would do my blogging now, while I wait for my mom to come pick us up. Yesterday I forgot to mention Hayley's BIG news!  They found out who was top sellers for their fundraiser and the two top sellers in each grade gets to go on a limo ride with the principal. Annnnnnddddd.....For the third(yes I said THIRD) year in a row my princess is going on a limo ride! Lucky girl. The first picture, the white limo was during kindergarten. And the 2nd picture, with the black limo is first grade. I can't wait to go take pictures next Tuesday.

So until next time....

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  1. Wow! Do you help her sell all those fundraiser items or is she just that good? That's awesome! I'm convinced I live in a bubble because we can't sell a thing. The people we would ask are also participating soo... what can you do?

    Tell your daughter congratulations!