Monday, November 9, 2009

My car....

So we got our new car today.  I enjoy it, BUT I am a little annoyed. When I turned it on earlier the "Service Engine Soon" light was on AGAIN.  He said he had that fixed. What a liar. AND when I went to get license plate screws I realized it was leaking fluid...Turned out to be antifreeze and the reason it is leaking is because there is a HOLE in the over fill tank. Annoyed? Yup Yup. So now I have to have some repairs done. Oh and the reason the light is on? Because it needs new spark plugs and wires. *sigh*
OH and someone commented on Hayley's big news and since I don't know how to answer so they see it I will answer it here. We do help her with her fundraiser, since she is not allowed to go door to door anymore we have to ask friends and relatives. So  that is what we do, we ask anyone and everyone. And of course I order a bunch and so does Grandma. ;)
So until tomorrow,

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