Monday, August 31, 2009

Not much to blog about....

I guess I am a boring person. LOL It is quite possible. So I am sitting here racking my brain for things to blog about...A few things have come to mind.

For starters, Hayley is grounded until Friday. Yes, I said my 6 year old is grounded for 5 days. Why you may ask? For taking all the dish soap, hand soap and bubble bath outside and using it to "wash" cars yesterday. It was a disaster! Neither I nor my mom realized that she had taken these things outside. It took me over 1/2 an hour to get all the soap off the cars. *sigh* Kids.

Last night Scott and I watched the first Left Behind Movie. I have already read most of the books but the movie was absolutely amazing!!! I can not wait to watch the 2nd one. Hopefully tonite.
Other than that, I really don't have much to talk about..
OH! Hayley's 7th Birthday is in 13 days!!!! =( My baby is growing sooo fast! And in 8 wonderful days she will start 2nd grade! I am super excited about this as she is definitely ready to return to school!
Maybe I will blog again soon!

Update: Scott and I did in fact watch the 2nd and 3rd Left Behind Movies. I am annoyed at how they ended them. It really made me mad. And the movies got me thinking a little bit. But I will save that for another post later when I am more awake.

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