Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Its been over a week (AGAIN) since I last blogged. But I do have a reason LOL. Friday afternoon Scott, Hayley and I loaded up and drove up to my dad's house for the weekend. Our intentions were to sleep in the tent out towards the fire pit. We encountered a few problems....
  • My tent bag was full of water when I pulled it out to pack it
  • This resulted in having to go buy a NEW tent (with money that I should not have spent)
  • Hayley ended up sleeping in the house ALL weekend, because in her words "Scott snores!"
  • All weekend Scott and I were afraid our NEW tent was going to collapse on us. This resulted in my returning our brand new tent. I do not wish to own a tent that does not stay up correctly.
So yeah, it didn't really go the way we planned, but we had a blast. We had lots of fun, swimming, BUGS, ice cream, and hot dogs over the fire. My camera is still broken so I did not get many pictures.
On Sunday, my mom and my brother brought my 2 year old nephew up to see my dad...and us. Gosh he is getting soooo big! It seems like just yesterday that he was born! We were gone when they got there so when we got back I was in a rush to get in the house and when I walked in Ellis was like "AUNT SARA!" in his adorable 2 year old voice. It melted my heart.
In other news, Hayley starts 2nd grade today. She is sooo excited (and so is mommy!). The only problem at the moment is I can only find 1 tennis shoe and that's not good. So I hunted up her good sandals, that need to be washed, and I guess she can wear those. Also, next Sunday my baby turns 7. I can NOT believe it. We are having her party on Saturday. This year she wanted Hannah Montana. And I have been searching the net for a picture of the cake I ordered but I can not find one. Bummer, I will try and get some pictures (of course I need a camera to do that!) But even if I don't have a camera someone will and then I will get pics and if all else fails I have my cell phone which takes decent pictures.
Anyways, I need to wrap this up because I have an appointment at Hayley's school at 1 and I have a ton of errands to run before that. Something that could be very good for us has possibly come up and I need to look into it.
I will update again soon (hopefully!)

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