Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long over due...

It's been so long since I last blogged but I think that's because I have been soooo busy. I have spent almost a week now packing, and starting Monday moving. Its been just crazy, things are crazy. But it's worth it. I am getting away from where I am now and only certain people know where I am moving to so that is good too. And on the plus side I get to spend every nite in the arms of the one I love. No more driving home at 4 am. Woohoo!
Hopefully tomorrow we can finish. The last time I talked to Scott he was going to finish his packing so that tomorrow I can bring the trailer over and take everything to the new house. And speaking of house, I should post a picture or two but I will wait til we are more settled. I absolutely love it! And it fell right into our lap at a very good price. We definitely couldn't pass it up.
So yes, it will probably be a while before I blog again. Even though our internet and cable will be turned on Friday morning I have a lot of unpacking to do!!!
Oh and last Sat. we celebrated Hayley's 7th birthday. I can not believe my baby is 7!!!! I will have to do a picture post from that after I get settled at the new house.
So until later,

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