Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its been a full week...

Since I last wrote. So much has been going on that I just simply have not had time to blog. In fact, some of what has been going on I can not blog about. I can say that my depression and anxiety has hit a very severe low..I am not okay. I have an appointment on Monday to help me. I think my medication is not doing its job.
So I figured I would just summarize everything I want to get down in a list...

  • Bedtime in our house is a HUGE struggle right now. I can not get Hayley to fall asleep before 11 pm most nites. I think the solution is to start making her get up at the normal school time so that she is tired by bedtime.
  • Scott and my relationship is doing very well, most days. Like all couples we have our moments but things are definitely going better and better. I don't know what I would do with out him..
  • He has gotten me through some pretty intense days lately.
  • My sister called last nite. Our dad had a dr. appointment yesterday to find out the results of some testing they had done on his heart. It turns out at some point he had a heart attack in the lower part of his heart. It has caused scarring and they need to do more tests to figure out what to do next.
  • Hayley broke my camera 2 days ago. I am deeply sadden by this as now I do not have a camera and it will take a few weeks to get it repaired. I hope its back in time for some upcoming events.
I am sure there is more but its 4:30 am and I have some stuff I need to get done before I head to bed. So I will try and write again soon. Though, Hayley and my mom are going away for the weekend and Scott is going to be here the whole time so I doubt I will have much computer time!!!

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