Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in a nutshell

So jumping on the bandwagon, I am doing a review of the last year. Plus I am hoping to do another blog thing, and blog the entire month of Jan. So, lets talk 2009....

  • Wow, I don't really remember last Jan. I do remember ringing in 2009 with my mom, Hayley and Nate. It was the first time Hayley ever stayed up for it and she fell asleep 5 minutes after the ball dropped.
  • I had two surgeries, to have my teeth taken out. They were the most uncomfortable procedures I have ever been thru. Not only were the surgeries uncomfortable the recovery was horrible.
  • Feb. was the worst month of the year.  
  • Not only did Nate steal from me, and my mom, but he also went to jail. 
  • His bond was set so high that I had no way of bailing him out. 
  • Hayley started a special reading group in hopes of helping her learn to read better
  • I slowly started to adjust to visiting the jail once a week to see the man that I was trying to forgive
  • On the 13th Stephie and I went and I got my first tattoo

See the problem with it????? Of course when I got it I didn't see a problem with it. Now of course I have serious problems with it.

Okay, Okay I know I am only at March but I can't keep my eyes open, way too much partying last nite.....
So I will finish tomorrow.

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