Sunday, January 3, 2010


My 2010 Resolutions

Quit smoking
Get healthier
Be a better parent
Be a better PERSON in general

Be a better girlfriend
Deal with some issues that have been driving me nuts
Scrapbook more
Spend more time doing fun things with Hayley
Take a trip(this one is already in the works, I am sooo excited. Future blog post coming soon!)

Wow, I am sure I have more, and I know some of them are very typical but they are all things that I want need to do. I have plans to do some of these. For example, we are going to start eatting healthier, watching our portion sizes and excercising more. For Christmas I got a wireless fit thing. Its not the wii (which I am hoping to buy soon) but in the mean time it will work. I also got Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD I am so excited to try it. The only downfall is our subflooring in our house is starting to crumble and I am afraid to do any major activity on it. Hopefully that will be fixed soon....The odds of that are slim to none so I see a move in my future....
*Sigh* My carpal tunnel is driving me nuts these days and it makes it hard to type for long periods of time so I will talk to everyone later!!!

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