Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in a nutshell continued

  • Nate was sentanced to 180 days on the 5th of April.
  • Towards the middle of the month I found my self in a situation that I should have never been in. It went against all my morals and  to this day can not believe it happened
  • It was very short lived well not too short lived but short enough. 
  • Going back in my blog I talk about it, and I know it went on for over a month
  • It was part of the reason I started to question my marriage
  • Hayley and I went on vacation to Tennessee, I hated driving in the mountains but we had a blast and got to see very good friends of ours. 
  • While in Tennessee I made up my mind finally that I needed to divorce Nate. I don't know if I admitted it to anyone, even on here but before I left to come home to Michigan I knew that I needed a divorce
  • Hayley started T-Ball!! She had 3 games in the month of May and she did beautiful! She already can't wait to play again. 
  • The most important thing happened in the month of May.....
    • I met Scott! It was the best thing that happened to me. I am very grateful for him and what he has been thru with me.
    • I knew shortly after I met him that we clicked instantly and that we really had a chance.
  • Hayley finished T-ball
  • I filed for divorce, sadly I had no way to serve him his papers so I knew I had to wait for him to get out.
  • Scott & I (along with Stephanie) went to Carson City and attended the wedding and reception for our good friend Sylvia =)
  • Almost everyone that was there, not counting the kids, was drunk. Except me, cuz I had to drive that nite.
  • Scott told me he loved me for the very first time, it was 9 days from our 1 month anniversary..There were a few other things that happened surrounding that event that actually really were funny. 
  • I turned 27 on the 13th, and had a nice little party with the important people in my life.
**As June was ending and July was starting I was starting to get more and more nervous. Nate's scheduled outdate was July 8 and has it got closer I started having panic attacks

  • 4th of July me, Scott & Hayley went to Grandville and watched the parade and hung out in that area, went thru the craft fair, had an elephant ear, walked around, and then left and went and got KFC for lunch and ultimately ended up going back to my house for a few hours to wait for the fireworks.
  • After that we went and picked Steph up and ended up getting pretty drunk, it was tons of fun, well what I remember.
  • The 8th arrived, I had already told him that I was not picking him up, and that his stuff would be outside 
  • I had a terrible panic attack and then ended up at Scott's house sleeping
  • My mom served him his papers
  • He defaulted on the 29th of July so finally we could schedule a final hearing
  • We went to Michigan's Adventure
  • It was a fairly boring month
  • Hayley started 2nd grade
  • I found our house and we got accepted here just before Hayley's birthday party
  • Hayley turned 7!!!! Wow is she growing fast!
  • My divorce was finalized on the 14th, the same day that we got the keys to our new house-Our new beginning!
  • My engine blew in my car 
  • Just a normal month, except we didn't have a car
  • I had an upper G.I. thing done because of my heartburn
  • We went out with my mom to find pumpkins, that was a fun nite!
  • Halloween we went to Scott's mom's house and went trick or treating with his nephew CJ
  • Scott & I celebrated 6 months together
  • Thanksgiving we went to Scott's aunt's house-that was lots of fun!
  • Went to conferences at Hayley's school, I am so proud of my munchkin!
Which brings us to December, Much of Dec. was spent getting ready for Christmas, and just enjoying being a family. Also we finally got a car. It was almost 3 months after my car died. We were very very happy!!!We had 5 Christmas events in total-Scott's dad's family, Christmas morning as a family, Christmas with Scott's mom, Christmas at Scott's aunt's, and Christmas with my mom and brother. It was lots of fun and Hayley got a lot of new things to play with. Scott's big gifts were the Rock Band from his mom and the tickets to a Pistons game for him and his brother from me. And that brings us to New Years Eve...which in its self is a whole other post, so maybe tomorrow. It gives me topics to blog about so maybe I don't miss any days. I do want to do a resolutions type post too so expect that soon!!!

Wow, I just read thru my year and I realized I am a boring person and that for being almost 30 I do not act it at all. So maybe I need to think about changing that!!!!

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