Monday, December 31, 2012

Just random thoughts....

Just an FYI this is a prewritten post that I scheduled to run while I'm gone.

I miss my dad. ALL the time. He's never far from my mind. This has been so hard and I don't see it getting any better any time soon. How do I live with this?

On Friday Dec 28 I meet with an old friend. We met at Starbucks and spend 1/2 hour chatting. I needed that. I needed to make peace with an old situation. And I really feel like things are all better now. On a side note I had a salted caramel mocha. mince the sea salt off the top. It was okay. Didn't settle well with my stomach but I'd drink it again.

Ive found my self in some situations that don't really settle well with me. I wish I could explain but I know that any way I try to blog it it won't come out right. I just wish that I had the wisdom to know how to handle these things.

I've mostly decided that after the new year I am going to start going to church. This has been a long decision coming and I know that it is the right thing for me and my family. I have found a church that I am thinking of attending. It just happens to be the church that Hayley goes to on Wednesday night for JAMS. My only concern right now is Scott. I am not sure what his opinion is on the matter and I don't want it to cause any problems.

As of writing this I am 3 days late...I don't think I'm pregnant..I did a test today. But last time it was like 2 weeks later before I finally got a positive test. I do have a few symptoms that are kinda nerve wracking but only time will tell. I have to say this getting pregnant stuff is hard work! ;)
Edited to add:So much for being late.  I finally started on Sunday. Oh the pain! I am def. calling my doctor about this pain! Just as soon as I get home.

Thanks for sticking with me..Heres to hoping that 2013 brings an incline in blog posts and perhaps a incline in followers? ;)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Locks of Love

Friday Hayley and I went to get our hair cut. This was a special trip because we had been growing our hair for just this moment.
                                                                 Hayley before
                                                        me before
                                                              ready to chop those locks...
                                                         Its soooo SHORT!!
                                                                   Hayley and her ponytails
                                                    Isn't it cute?

So that is how we spent our Friday afternoon....donating our hair to Locks of Love.

A (picture filled) update....

                                                                   Santa came to visit!!
                                                          Hayley by the tree when she got home from her dads...
                                                                  All of Hayley's gifts...
Christmas has come and gone..and finally there is snow on the ground. Hayley got tons of new things as the pictures show. My mom thankfully had the day off from work so my brother and his son came over. Unfortunately my nephew was super sick! 101.1 fever rosy checks and a nasty cough!!
And then the next day my mom woke up super sick!! But because we wanted to get it done she went out with Hayley and I to the hair cut place. Sadly her hair wasn't long enough to donate and there was a 45 mins wait so we left with plans for Hayley and I to return the next day or so...
And Friday we made that happen. But I'm going to start a new post...Locks of Love deserves their own post....


My internet is down here at home til next Thursday. If I remember I will see if i can use my friends internet for a real update! One with pics and everything!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookies Galore...

Thats whats over here! Hayley and I have been baking up a storm!!! So far we have made peanut butter blossoms, mixed nut brittle, root beer float cookies (yummy!), and today 5 layer bars. I have taken tons of photos (with my phone) so when I get a chance to get pictures off my phone I will blog pics!!
P.S. I still have tons of things to make before Christmas, mint oreo truffles, chocolate chip cookies, m&m cookies,  and peanut butter reindeer cookies!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Found out yesterday B does NOT have cancer!!!! Wonderful news and everyone can breathe again. What is turned out to be has a name I can not remember nor could I spell it. There is a possibility it might grow back. But maybe not. She will have a follow up CT Scan in 3 months and then every year after that.
Thank you to everyone that prayed for little B!

Monday, December 10, 2012

So unreal!

Friday marks one month since my dad passed away. The pain doesnt seem to be getting any better and just feels so unreal.
One month ago I was still living up north. Missing my family and knew the end was nearing. Now I am missing him like crazy :(

Friday, December 7, 2012

An update...

Today was surgery day for I'll call her B. I was at the hospital by 10:30 this morning and they took her back at 1ish. They told us to expect surgery to take anywhere from 2 hrs to 6 hrs with their guess being 4 hours. Imagine our surprise when we got word 2 hours in that the tumor was out and B was doing really well. We were just waiting for the initial pathology report to come in.
Good news is they don't think its cancer. Won't know for sure til at least Tuesday so they are just playing the waiting game. The bad news was they were only able to remove 98% of the tumor. It turns out it was attached to the main artery for the small intestine. So they had to leave part of it. And that means it could possibly grow back. Again, will know more on Tuesday.
Please keep praying as this is a really rough time for Tim, Jill and all 4 of their kids....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can you pray please?

If you could can you please pray for my best friends Tim and Jill and their family. Last night Tim took their 7 yr old to the ER for severe abdominal pain and by noon today  they were told that their daughter has a tumor bigger than a softball and smaller than a cantalope between her spleen and intestines. They are going to operate tomorrow. If the doctor decides its cancer while he is in there they will be placing a port in her chest for chemo. If they can't tell without a biopsy then it will probably be Tuesday before they have any answers.
Please pray for them and their family thru this difficult time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Photo

                                           Our 3rd family photo...taken Thanksgiving Day

Still here..

Cant really type much...apparently I have carpel tunnel..LOL I already knew it but they have my hand in a brace for 10 days to see if it helps. If not probably gonna need surgery...