Friday, December 7, 2012

An update...

Today was surgery day for I'll call her B. I was at the hospital by 10:30 this morning and they took her back at 1ish. They told us to expect surgery to take anywhere from 2 hrs to 6 hrs with their guess being 4 hours. Imagine our surprise when we got word 2 hours in that the tumor was out and B was doing really well. We were just waiting for the initial pathology report to come in.
Good news is they don't think its cancer. Won't know for sure til at least Tuesday so they are just playing the waiting game. The bad news was they were only able to remove 98% of the tumor. It turns out it was attached to the main artery for the small intestine. So they had to leave part of it. And that means it could possibly grow back. Again, will know more on Tuesday.
Please keep praying as this is a really rough time for Tim, Jill and all 4 of their kids....

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