Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hayley's Birthday Celebration

For Hayley's birthday we took her and 2 of her friends to a Bounce place near us. This is Hayley going down one of the first slides they conquered. Clearly, she is LOVING it!!!
 Boxing anyone!? I didn't think to ask any of the girls if those gloves were heavy or not, being that large and all....I'll ask Hayley in the morning!
 The Birthday girl having lots of fun!! She looks sooo much like me when I was her age! I should dig up a photo of me at 9 and post
 Isn't this cake adorable? I thought so...
Best Friends

I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with TONS of pictures so I just chose a few out of over 70 to sum up what a great night we had. And that Spongebob hat? Handmade just for Hayley by someone my mom works with. The perfect gift for Hayley. I should have uploaded the picture of Hayley opening the hat it shows the look on her face perfect!!! Maybe another day!!! 
Until next time,

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