Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That would describe my mood right now. No actually, over the moon is more accurate....Tonite was the 5th nite in a row that Scott and I hung out. I went to his house and we watched 50 First Dates (awesome movie btw) and The Family Guy Movie (another good one) and just cuddled and talked...We talk so much that it feels like I've known him forever!
Just before I left he asked me something that I was not expecting him to yet...I figured it would be a while, we didn't want to rush things, just basically take things slow and see what happens. Well, we were sitting there talking about how my friends would approve of him and then he said "This might be a little over due but will you go out with me?" And of course we all know what Sara said ;) So a few mins later I was like does that mean I can call you my boyfriend? And he said yes..I basically said that as a smart ass thing because I already knew the answer but all the same. He is my boyfriend..And I can talk about him cuz I'm his only girlfriend! lmao
I wish I had a pic I could put up but the only one i have is kind of small...so I will wait until I see him again and just take some pictures..Maybe I can get Hayley to take one of him and I together....
Anyways, I just had to write really quick..I have other things I could say but I'm not going to waste my time cuz its not worth it...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camping Part 2

So, in my opinion, I have succeeded in pissing him off and I'm glad....Haven't seen him in person yet and I know I need to...Maybe tomorrow...This weekend hasn't been what it was suppose to be but that's okay because I am having a wonderful time...WITHOUT him...But Scott has been here both days and we are enjoying getting to know each other...He really is a nice guy and we are taking our time.....
But its 1 am and I need to go to the bathroom, its a little walk, and move to the picnic table cuz my foot is falling asleep sitting....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So Hayley and I are camping...Woohoo for free wifi!! Its going okay. Its been way tougher than I thought....I thought it would be awesome but it's not. I have been ignored since yesterday. And its driving me nuts. HE is the reason I am here right now. Because HE wanted me to, I should have just followed my instincts and stayed home. Should have ended it the last time I had a chance to, such as the last time we got together. Incidentally I didn't want to do it then. I just wanted to do HIM! LMAO. Oh well, life goes on. Not like we really have a relationship anyways.
The good part is I met someone. Him I can talk about LOL. His name is Scott...And he is beautiful, and shy, and everything I was looking for. And the best part is he doesn't have a girlfriend or a wife. No more secret relationships for me. He knows that I'm married, and that I haven't filed for divorce yet. And speaking of divorce, I am going to file probably next week. I know that I told Nate I would wait but I can't. He doesn't get that honor. He fucked up by not contacting me in a week. No phone calls, no NOTHING. So screw him! By the end of July, beginning of August I will be divorced, AGAIN. And darn it, I don't think I will ever get married again. Two failed marriages is enough for me thank you very much.
Anyways, the sky looks a little dark, I sure hope it doesn't rain....my tent leaks lol. Speaking of tents..The top of my tent is missing, I think its possibly locked in the storage unit. So Mom went and bought a tarp yesterday and that seems to be working. Hayley wants me to take her back to the pool and I am thinking I might.
Suddenly it got really cold....I'm cold darn it. I need to go to the store because Hayley killed the batteries in the flashlight last nite and its the only one we have.
So until next time,