Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just hanging on...

Barely hanging on but none the less we are hanging on.  We have been having regular HCG checks but they are not going as well as they were. I had one done Thursday, which was 3 days since my last one, and it was only 859. up from 526.7. So it did not double. It did go up at least 60% so I was trying to stay positive. Then today I went and had labs drawn again ( boy am I getting all black and blue!!) and it had only risen to 1074. BUT that was only 40 hrs after the last one so I don't know if that other 8 hours makes a big difference. I have to go either Monday or Tuesday and have them drawn again. I am terrified that something is wrong but I just keep telling my self, it is rising, I still feel pregnant(horrible morning (all day) sickness) and I'm not bleeding. This baby is a fighter I have to have faith that everything will be okay.
Oh and on another note I quit smoking 3 days ago. Amazingly its gone well, but I chalk that up to the fact that the smell of cigarettes makes me practically gag....
So please pray for this little baby. If we lose it I'm not sure I can go thru this again!

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  1. Hcg levels can be so misleading. Mine rose the quickest and the best on my failed pregnancy. The two successful pregnancies didn't double. But yours are still rising and you still have symptoms. That's a great sign.